Thursday, 25 June 2009

The American Dream.

I wonder if Michael Jackson would rather;
A: have the life he had, and be as dead as he currently is, or
2: wake up and be ME, who eeks out a living and has to wake up and go cut stones all day.
But I get to wake up tomorrow.
I get another chance.

His chances are done, his "appointed time to die, and then the judgement" is here.

Kinda makes the above ground pool in my backyard a lot more attractive than the amusement park in HIS backyard, heyna or no?
I still get to show God that I really Do believe in Him, and am going to show my family that He is real.
After its all said and done, whats Michael Jackson Got??
A legacy?
Pol Pot's got a legacy, big stinkin deal. Mother Theresa's got a Legacy, but thats another story, and more like what I want.
What do YOU want?
Whats the BEST you can hope for from your life?
College and a good career/life for your kids?
Intelligent people think that THAT is "the American Dream".
Thats a lie.
A BIG lie.

Do You REALLY believe that a GOOD college and a GOOD job, is the MOST you can hope for in your or your kids life!?!?!?

(heres where we seperate the thinkers from the "materialists")

What about AFTER that?
I mean after you flatline like michael jackson?
Materialists, you see, dont believe there IS anything after that, and that is where I and they differ.
Do you know who materialists are?
Scientists and the scientific community, for the most part, are materialists.
To them, Michael Jackson is nothing more than a tree that has died and fell over in the forest. All gone.
Worm food, and nothing more.
Well, maybe he contributed to the human experience while he lived and breathed, but now?
But what about michael jackson? What about where HE is right now?
Not the songs or videos he made, but the person of michael jackson?
Materialists believe there is no such thing as a "soul" or a "spirit" or a human.
Once dead, you're as significant as a piece of gravel. You are nothing.

What do YOU think?

Think God cares about song writing abilities? Think "Thriller" impressed a God who made the milky way?
I don't.

If the Materialists are right, nothing matters.
If I'm right, THEY'RE all screwed.

People, like no other time in your lives, you'd better think about what you believe .

Its all that matters.

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