Sunday, 20 December 2015

We Need To Talk

About Sandy Hook.   Actually, that's a title of a video on youtube.   I watched it, twice.    The significance of that is, its 2+ hrs long, and I have the attention span of horny gnat.   There was a lot of information in it, and some of it makes watching the whole thing worthwhile.      I'm writing about this now because a recent event on the news was brought to my attention.   A professor from Florida Atlantic U. wrote a book titled "Nobody died At Sandy Hook".     And that got the guy fired.   And, has banned his book from their website.  Now Amazon has plenty of bat-shit crazy books for sale on their site, many about 9-11 and alternative versions of the official story.   Why ban THIS book, is my question?  The link I posted blames Amazon for "not allowing non-government versions", but like I said, amazon has plenty of non-gov't version 9-11 books for sale there.   This is different.  Sandy Hook was different.   One of the liberal mantras I've heard repeatedly is "If Sandy Hook didn't change us, what will???"    (and I HATE using that label, because labels like conservative and liberal are just words to keep us all apart and at each other's throats, BUT, libs ARE the ones on the side of gun control its applicable)    Sandy Hook was THE heart string tugging event that should have changed America, for the better (in some people's opinions).    But it seems the only thing it changed, was Conn. laws regarding the release of information related to "anyone murdered in the state, to non-law enforcement personnel."     In fact, its a mandatory 5 yr. prison term for just ASKING for records of murder victims in the state.   See above picture.    That's what we are experiencing.    Now look at the picture here. 
THIS, is what we believe, and what we believe we live in.   Oh wait. 
There.  That's what we believe.  
What's real, is at the top of this page, and what's perceived, is what's directly above.        Imagine a mass shooting where dozens of victims, mostly little kids, were supposedly shot.  Now imagine that NOT ONE of those victims, were taken by ambulance to hospitals.   Not one.  Ambulances were parked on the access road to the school, and NEVER moved to take any victims anywhere.   And no one questioned that, because no one except the crazy folk out there knew that.  The rest of the world was busy wringing their hands and holding burning candles and lamenting over the horror of the events there.  We have to do SOMETHING, was the cry heard all across the country.   Well, we do.  We have to finally talk about Sandy Hook.    The only thing crazy about it, is what you believe, and how much you've been fooled.   Why?    That's easy.   We're much more malable when we're an emotional mess.  
You've gotta trust me on this one.   And, You've gotta watch this video.                         

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