Thursday, 28 July 2016

Once Upon A Time........

...there was a country founded on the concept that "all men are created equal (and free)".
Well, almost all men.  Basically, white English speaking men.  The rest of the lot had to wait a while to even be CONSIDERED  human, men.  No, I'm not making that up, and you know that.  But we were and are constantly bombarded with the words "all men created equal", and gloss over the fact that  all black men, weren't even considered men, let alone free men.   And to those of you who are shouting "that was only in the redneck SOUTH!!", it wasn't.  In fact, just when the notion of slavery being wrong (and insanely so)  was really catching on thanks to  the works of William Lloyd Garrison and Fredrick Douglas and others, the united states (all men are created equal) gov't, passed THIS law.  Two states forward, the whole country goes backwards.  Long about this time, we had a civil war, WHICH, we are told, was to free those black people from "southern" slavery.   Yeeeeah not so much.  I know, because I live and grew up in a very white, very "regular folk" part of the north, and in the 1960's and 70's and 80's when I was growing up, there was NO WAY IN HELL, that ANY of the people/families I knew, would have gone off to war, to free black people.  In 1960.   I can't imagine that the people in the north in 1860 were 180 degrees on the enlightened scale, away from the people I grew up with and know today.  No way in hell.  And sure as hell the (all men are created equal) gov't of the united states didn't see it that way either, as evidenced by all the laws that kept black people, quite lower on the "all men are created equal"  scale, for the next hundred years AFTER the war that supposedly freed them.  
Ok, at this point you are thinking that this is just a "black lives matter" rambling.  It ain't.  Its a different kind of rambling.  I'm merely pointing out how you have been told one thing, and reality is quite different.  BUT, you've been told by EVERYONE all the years of your life, so it HAS to be true, right??  Nope.  Eerrrrrrnt . It ain't.  
Movin on.   To the Melting Pot.  
Want to know why we became a melting pot?   (that means all kinds of people coming here from all kinds of countries, just to be part of the "all men are created equal" society)  ?     They (we) were "allowed" to come here, because worker drones were needed to man the mines, and the expanding factories that were really expanding the economy of the (all men are created equal) land.    Tweren't enough regular americans to fill all those jobs that had to be done.  So what was the solution?   "Bring me your tired huddled masses (who will work for peanuts and shop at the company stores and live in company housing and........) Voila.  The American Dream.     There was a lot of discontent in the (white English speaking America) over the number of immigrants being allowed into the country.  But, as with the original constitution drafters, the Golden rule applied.  That being, He who has the gold, makes the rules.  And he who needs the worker drones,  tells the politicians which laws to pass.  Immigration laws included.  Like when we had enough Chinese workers to build the railroads. 
But you cling to your (beat into your brain since old enough to understand words) notion that America wanted immigrants to come here so they could enjoy a better life.   Its nicer and gentler.  I get it .   The same people who ran the original constitutional congress, ran the country a hundred years later, and they always get what the hell they want.  Always.  Sure you can come here and work.  for 16 hours a day for just enough wages to keep yourself and your family in survival mode. Hell, that was better than where they came from.  I get it.  But.   That doesn't change the fact that they were treated hardly better than the original "not so created equal" folks.   (and I didn't even mention the people who used to OWN the "land of the Free".  Talk about getting the shaft.  Oy. )
I digress. 
Still with me?   (I'm barely here).      I'm gonna skip over the facts of two world wars with the evidences that the govt of the united states allowed major corporate leaders here, to do open market trading with the nations of Germany, Italy, and Japan.  Its there if you want to read about it.  Kinda puts a dent into the notion of us-good, them-bad, that most Americans have of the world wars. 
Suffice to say, We The People have been told all of our lives what's real, when exactly the opposite, is.   And now, its done nonstop, 24-7-365, ad nauseam.   We get bombarded of every "news" story, from the second it happens, and we are told what happened (even when what we are told doesn't make sense with regards to what we are seeing, more on that), and we are told what to THINK about what we were told happened.  And what to think about those who don't think what we were told to think about it.   
I've said this before, and I'll go to my grave saying it.  You can't understand ANYTHING, until you understand EVERYTHING.   Unfortunately, we hardly have room in our brains for EVERYTHING, what with tweets and The Bachelor and our sports teams and posting where we're going out to eat tonight.....sheesh. Who the hell has time to understand EVERYTHING?!     
I'll explain.   I used to be what's generally categorized as a conservative.  That means, I knew all the good conservative news sources and facts and judged pretty much everything, through my beliefs/categorization.   And that's exactly how everybody is.  Liberals can't see the facts the conservatives see, and verse vice-a.     We take the image of what we believe in (pin it to a party candidate), and then accept/reject all facts related to said candidate accordingly.     You really can't understand or see anything, until you step back and away from the nonsense that keeps us apart.    Don't believe me?  Watch a talking heads political show, and listen to the answers given to questions.  Questions like, "Is that tree green?"  "Well, I like green because in my district I have consistently voted for making green businesses stronger and I support any legislation that has the best interest of the green industries in mind.."   And we accept those answers from the people we call our "leaders", because hell, they could say "poopy headed banana fish heads", and we would pretend like we believe it and understand.  Hell, they're the leaders, so if we don't get it, must mean that WE'RE the stupid ones, so we go along for the ride. 
Which can be quite troublesome when it comes to things like wars.  And laws like The Patriot Act.  And the (god help me its really called this) the USA Freedom Act.   What the laws are, are completely irrelevant, so long as they title them like that, and then tell us "poopy headed banana fish heads, and its for our GOOD!   Oh, and everyone who DOESNT believe its good, is BAAAD!!"
Oh hell, if its for our good, then I'm all for it.  And I never liked bad people much anyways.  they tend to not know too much like us informed voters.

We are lied to, constantly.  We are told bad people are out to take our freedoms (all men are created equal, remember?) so we NEED to send our army half way around the goddam world for 5 or 10 years to destroy the shit out of a country(s) there, onaconna we love freedom and all men are created equal.  And the news people repeat exactly what the gov't says (and nobody since 1985 has a problem wit dat), and anybody who disagrees, well they just don't support the troops protectin our freedoms so GIT THE HELL OUT IF YOU DON'T LIKE MURICA!  I wish it weren't true.  I wish I were wrong , but the more I see, the more crazy what YOU believe, becomes to me. 
Things like this woke me up.  what I saw, became very different from what we were told happened.  And the lies go on to this day.  And the extent of the beliefs that the people who trust and believe in the "all men are created equal" country, is no less staggering than the Church of Scientology is to a Quaker.   
Thats my point.  You can't see, or understand, so long as you clutch to the belief you've had drilled into your brain since you stood  in class and muttered..."I pledge Legience to da flag......"
You have been drilled and brainwashed to BELIEVE.  Land of the Free.  All men are created equal.   We're the GOOD guys.  Despite, everything.  Cuz its what we've been told, forever.  And we are now told on a constant basis, from the time we wake up till the time our eyes close on our blinking phone screen.  We're TOLD what to think, and  how to think.   How to react to what we are told is happening.   Here's a perfect example of what I speak of.     "all of it fell down into the ground, it pulverized".   In other words, "poopy headed banana fish heads".   And we believe it.  But it doesn't stop here.  Hell, its just getting warmed up here.  All kinds of experts seem all too eager to convince us why a steel and concrete building fell at freefall speed, perfectly straight down.  A third of the time when buildings are imploded on purpose, they don't fall so perfectly.  Yet we are told by gobs of science-y experts, that this time, yuh-huh, it did. 
Well, I'm going to prove them, and you wrong, with ONE word.  One word to prove that in fact, the media is nothing more than part of the machine used to keep you believing whateverthehell you are supposed to believe.  And you HAVE to believe me.  You can't argue this one, not with opposing science-y info or official explanations, or nuthin. 
One word.  


You see, there are three nuclear reactors that have been in 100% meltdown for over 5 years now, and its being reported by NOT ONE media outlet.  Not one.  Oh sure PBS did a 5 year anniversary story where they focused on the tragedy and the cleanup efforts.   Problem is, when the worlds greatest and brightest engineers and physicists assembled in Tokyo soon after the disaster, their conclusion was
"we don't know what to do.  The technology doesn't exist to fix this".
The radiation and specifically the spent fuel rods that blew "sky fucking high" from reactor #3 continue to leak into the ground water and into the pacific ocean, and into the air.  Which, by the by, has been circumnavigating the globe for about....oh 4 years and 10 months now.   Non stop.  Non decreasing.   I could go on with stories and links and 8X10 color glossys regarding what your EPA did to fix this.  Um, they increased the acceptable levels of radiation by 300% .  Ok, that's not true.  I meant 3000 %.  Poof like a fairy, you are magically able to absorb 3000% more radiation now than before Fukushima.  Oh, and the FDA ordered NO radiation testing for Alaskan seafood.  ORDERED it.   Just a few weeks ago, TEPCO said "um.   yep.    its a meltdown.  Sorry for covering it up and saying it wasn't a meltdown, but yeah, its a meltdown."    I'm SURE you saw all the reports on it.  I'm sure you remember the horror on the reporters faces when told that nuclear reactors have been melting down for 5 years now.    No?   You must be watchin the wrong news.
I was just in a discussion online with a conservative flag waving believer, and when I presented this fact to her, the reply was, "oh, that's from a LIBERAL source."   I guess being told by a liberal that nuclear reactors are in 100% meltdown, its not so scary.
You can't understand ANYTHING, until you understand everything, folks.  And you can't understand that your country and pretty much everything you believe in and has been drilled into your brain since birth, is a goddamed lie.  All of it. 
The fact that NO news source is reporting what it undeniably happening, is all the proof you need, but unless and until you can get your mind around that, you will stay in your matrix.
I'm sorry.  Its true.    

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