Friday, 21 March 2014

much ado about nuthin.............

Forgive me for writing about nothing at all but if the MSM can do it relentlessly for almost two weeks straight then some shlep in podunk pa. can do it too.  
As with the Boston "bombing" of a year or so ago, as soon as I heard the stories of the missing malaysia airlines boeing 777, my bullshit alarms went off, and havent stopped since.  In the very first report on tv just hours into the mystery, knowledge was had of "2 passengers on board the aircraft with stolen passports".    It rang as true as "its a group called AlQeda from some cave in Pakistan..." just MINUTES into the 9-11 report-a-thon.   Not as good as the "Boston Globe tweets that there is going to be a bomb squad exercise @ 1pm today...." the day of the boston marathon bombing.  
Like the title says.   It just doesnt add up.   
Most interesting to me in the missing airliner, is the daily tidbits of useless info that seems to get reported on ad nauseum, with equal fervor and interest to both the reporters and the report-ees.   By that, I mean that the idjits talking about the non-news is equalled by the idjits watching/reading/listening/hoping on it.    I have seen everyone ever associated with Boeing, pilots, the NTSB, the US Navy, and every person who has ever ridden more than twice on a jet, paraded out on CNN and the rest of the networks, as "experts".    NPR even went a step further and quoted "most talked about theories on social media and around the office water cooler", as news.    No, they weren't kidding.   

I'm tired of a lot of things,  most of all being sold a load of bullshit packaged as truth.  
One thing I'm absolutely certain of in my old age, is that nothing is as it seems, that more and more people are easier and easier to get to believe that it is.    

I don't have any stupid theories, save for the one about Al Sharpton's mothership (which is being piloted by L. Ron Hubbard with Timothy Leary as his first officer) used a ION cannon and kablooey-blasted the Malysian airliner out of the sky, just because.

I just want you to think about why you believe what you do, and what you see and hear, just because people deemed experts tell you it is so.

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