Saturday, 10 October 2009

Pierce Bakery Bagels

Best bagels ever.

Yeah yeah yeah, you know what a good bagel is, and you are going to say or suggest a name.

Spare me.

Unless you're going to mention Hymey Smollowitz's bakery in Brooklyn (wait and see how many goofs google that), dont waste the effort.

Best bagels, EVER.

Unfortunately for me and bagels lovers in the area, pierce bakery is now a paint store, and the bagel recipe is gone forevermore. Has been for like 10 years now.

Once you've had a Pierce bakery bagel, all the rest are also-rans.

There was an orchard/farm in my area, that was run by a man named Mr Lord.

Lord's orchards, produced the BEST apple cider I've ever tasted. In the fall, Lord's orchards would be the center of the universe for me, and was on the way to every job I had to get to.

Sometimes, that would take some creativity and effort, but it was worth every ounce spent to get there.

I talked to mr Lord once, and told him what I thought of his apple cider, and he proudly told me that he used 7 different kinds of apples, and pears, in his cider mix.

IT, made the difference.

I knew it had something different in it, but when he told me it had pears in it, I said "THATS IT!".

Lord's orchards is now Lords Landing, or some such nonsensically named-McMansion development. I'm sure the current residents are all proud of the land's and mr Lord's history. Once they get the proper "harvest" decorations out, and all. Once the kids are retrieved from soccer practice, and all.
Yeah yeah I sound cynical, like some Earth First! goofball all bitter that the land isnt a farm anymore.
I'm not bitter because of that. I (unlike most environmental nut-jobs) understand economics and all that. I'm selfishly bitter that I can't get Mr Lord's cider anymore.
I APPRECIATE, and miss, Mr Lord's efforts.
I suppose if Mr Lord's son could have made a coupla million off of the cider, he would have kept the farm.

Mr Lord has left us to make cider and bagels in Heaven with Mr Pierce Bakery, but I didn't forget his efforts. Either man's efforts.

I know its not like either man changed my life, but what they did is missed now that they're not doing it anymore.

I CAN'T be the only one who misses them and their products.

Once you've had them, everything else is "ok".

I happened to chance across Mr Lords son one day, and I told him of his dad's cider and how much I enjoyed it.

He said the property is sold now, and he lives in NJ and had no interest in running the farm nor the orchard. "Pity", I told him. "Best cider EVER", I told him. Evidently, me saying that without a coupla million dollar check, didnt have much of an effect on Mr Lord Jr.

I guess any "smart" individual would have opted to sell the land and take the big fat old payoff, over shlepping over an orchard and land and cider presses and all, just to appease the pallate of some goofball dirt merchant.

I wonder if anyone other than the people who received some of Mr Lord's son's money, will miss HIM when his time comes to leave the earth?

I miss his dad's products, and his dad's efforts.

Like I miss Pierce Bakery bagels.

My wife is tired of me comparing every bagel on the planet to them, but I can't help it.

Once you have the best, what are you supposed to do, settle for half-assed efforted products?

Worse yet, full efforted, suckey products!?

Can't do it.

Can't go back.

I need THOSE bagels.

I need 7 kinds of apples AND pears, cider.

Once you've had the best, nothing else will completely do.
Funny how we touch other people. How what we do, affects others.
Don't settle. Do your best, in everything. Its going to matter to someone, maybe a lot of someones.
Add the pears.
Make the effort.
The world has too many shmoes in it already, just in it for the paycheck, for the same thing too many others are in it for.
For good enough.
Once you've had the best, you can't settle for good enough.

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