Monday, 26 April 2010

Rain Days

Its all about perspective. Most normal people watch the morning weather forecasts on tv and cringe or whine when rain is predicted for that day.
Not me. Of course not having to work specifically because of said rain might have something to do with that.
I like rain. Sometimes I love rain. Today is one of the latter.
Its not that I dont like working, because actually I do. Its my job that I hate. Well, that and some of the people there that regularly make me want to shove a gun in my mouth and end it all.
Rain days. Lay around and watch the flowers grow. Lay around and wonder where and when everything went to hell. Naaaaah. Thats a waste of time. Pick up the shattered pieces and move the hell on.
There have been enough tears shed in the past six months to fill the erie canal. Now its time to work on moving forward. Whereeverthehell forward is.
There are about..............2 or 3 out of you millions of readers out there who know what I'm talking about. the rest of you are going to have to plunk down $19.95 to read about it in my book. There will be much more written here about all that juicy stuff in the coming weeks and months, but for now, I am allowing the enemy time to strategize after having read this firing of a warning shot across their grubby little bow.
They've had a helluva headstart on sabotauging and destroying me, but I'll still give them fair warning that I will be returning fire very shortly.

As only I can.

Time to just lay back and listen to what the rain is saying.

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