Thursday, 14 June 2012

the road less traveled

That picture pretty much exemplifies my life to this point.  Lotta traveling, but not really going anywhere.   
     I was even on this one for a while....... like it, in similar conditions.
              This one I was on, with my motorcycle, too.  As usual, alone on 99% of the ride, but met some people on the way up to the top.   Its mt washington, by the way.  There's a reason why they sell bumper stickers that say "this car climbed mt washington".         No other Mt in the eastern U.S. like that one.                           

                                       This one?  Ive been on many times.  MOST of the time, actually.  
                    Now it seems Im here.   Or close to it.     I know where each road leads to, thats all that matters.  This is my blog, after all. I only have to explain the things I want you to understand.  The rest of what I write here, is for me.  

                                    Know what this road is called?  Its in Montana.  It has a very fitting name.


                                     This one is too obvious.

                                   Im tired.     


                                     and I feel like this.  


                                         Everything can be beautiful.  Out of context.


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