Thursday, 16 February 2012

The Big Lie

Anybody remember the story of private Jessica Lynch? How about Pat Tillman? Two American apple pie eating heroes who (we were told) were both victims of the eeeeeevil terrorist insurgent wannabe plane hijacker I.E.D. placing daring to resist their countries being occupied, enemies.
Turns out that both stories were not only lies, but one became an instant made for tv movie, complete with a script and plot PRE written by none other than Jerry Bruckheimer.
The Pat tillman story is just AWFUL. His death was exploited to the Nth degree by the very people responsible for his death. The Unites States Army.
Years after his death, after his family had been attempting to get the news out of what REALLY happened, we finally understand just what and who killed Pat Tilman. He was the NFL superstar turned army ranger (9-11 moved him to leave his lucrative NFL career and join the army), and he was killed in action while on patrol in some ooga-booga part of afghan-kurdis-uzbeka-whoozit-paki-stan. Doesn't matter.
The official story was "while on patrol the convoy was ambushed and Pat and some other soldiers attempted to flank the enemy forces who were perched high above the road. While attempting to assault the enemy, Pat was killed". Then the story changed to "after sucessfully assaulting the enemy position and killing the enemy, Pat was then accidentally killed by friendly fire from his comrades below.". THAT changed to, "After successfully killing the enemy ambushers, Pat was then signalling to his comrades down below that the had, in fact, won this battle, but then the comrades down below, despite Pat's repeated signalling, continued to fire upon Pat, until Pat was hit and killed. "
THAT morphed into the official army coroners report, which stated that Pat Tillman was killed by two point blank shots to the face, by a small arms weapon. A "double-tap" execution.
Huh. Doesn't add up, does it?
Its probably the only thing that DOES add up, regarding the war in Afghanistan, when you add into the mix that Pat was corresponding with his family back home, and that his sentiments regarding the war effort were "its a joke".
Pats family's claim was that Pat believed the U.S. Army was doing little more in Afghanistan than policing the opium fields there for the opium growers.
Now, it adds up. In a evil demented kinda way. The Army and the NFL made a killing promoting Pats's heroism and sacrifice on a weekly basis. Who knows HOW many other american well intentioned yoots signed their lives away to the serve and protect their country from goat farmers in the Hindu Kush mountains of the world? Dozens, at least.
Fast forward to the Bogus-holy-cow-what-a-pile-of-stinky-crap-story about the navy seals killing osama (been on dialysis for the past 10 years- out smarting and out running the u.s. navy seals at every turn for the past ten years, while dragging a kidney dialysis machine over the Hindu-Kush mountains of Pakistan/Afghanistan/and every other whoozitstan in the region, 72 year old) bin laden.
But THAT story is for real. Yuh-huh.
well, at first they said Hillary and Barrack and co. were watching it in real time on super secret hi tech navy seal-o-vision cameras that the super duper commandos had attached to their gear during the raid.
THEN the story changed to......wellllll, there was no live video, BUT, the seals had a nasty firefight with bin laden's guards who were super duper tough and hard nosed too, but WE still got him!!!!"
and that changed to well his wife had a gun and we shot her cuz she scared us.....
and THAT story changed to the official U.S government approved
soon to be made into a movie version.......................
We just landed two helicopters in Pakistan without telling the pakistani government and one of our helicopters crashed but the seals stormed into osama's house and encountered him and his wife and we shot his wife cuz she was all kinds of uncooperative. Oh yeah. And we shot him too. cuz he was osama bin laden, y'know.
But on the helicopter flight back to the aircraft carrier, when not high fiving each other, we did a super secret hi tech DNA test and VERIFIED that it WAS in fact, THE Osama Bin Laden that we had killed.
Then when we got back to the aircraft carrier, after much high fiving and drink hoisting and fist pumping, we dumped THE Osama Bin Laden's DNA in flight test verified body, into the pacific ocean, because Muslim customs demand we do with it.
Yeah thats it.
And somehow, after telling these stories, I'M the one who people call crazy.
I passed some goober goofball on the road the other day, and on the back of his American made pick em up truck, he had glued mailbox letters which gave this message.....
"AMERICA! IF YOU DONT LIKE THIS COUNTRY, GET THE F- - - OUT!!!!" And another one, "The American military, if you dont stand behind them, then stand in FRONT of them!!!"
And that guy thinks he's on the right side too. I betcha he bought a case of Bud when he heard the Bin Laden story, just so he could celebrate our nation's great victory, in style.
The inanity of the Bin Laden story is so obvious when you think about it, but to question ANY of it is CRAAAAAAAZY talk to reasonable people like reporters. And Floyd R. Turbo in the pick up truck . People like ME question the story and the stupidity of it all and get labeled as nuts. A conspiracy wack-o. People like Floyd R. Turbo with his mailbox letter covered tailgate got it right. He's reasonable.
But those lies arrent the BIG Lie. Not even global warming is the BIG lie.
The BIG lie hasn't occured. Yet. But it soon will.
And you know what? People will swallow it up. Because, just like with all the other lies, this lie will be promoted by our benevolent-got-its-share-of-problems-but-its-the-best-there-is-on-earth-by-god-government. And, by the media. And by good people like oprah and bill gates. And the Pope. And Good Morning America. You know. All those people and sources that can be trusted.
Want to know what it is?
Nah. You're not ready for it yet.
You can't even believe that Osamas Bin Laden WASN'T killed by super duper Navy Seal commandos. How are you going to handle the BIG lie???
You'll know it when you see it.
Cuz EVERYBODY will believe it.

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