Monday, 13 February 2012

A New Day

In life, the only constant, is change.
Well, my life sure is constant these days. You would think, if you knew where I am now as opposed to where I was physically, a year ago, that would be bad. But its not.
I almost didn't make it to where I am now. In any sense of the term. Its been a rough and bumpy road, to say the least, and only a very select few know just how rough and bumpy. To those select few, and to Almighty God, I owe my life.
Most of you think you know, but as with everything, what we know no matter how well we know it, is still all we know. And therein lies the rub.
That, actually, has been the reoccuring theme in my messages here. What you think you know, isn't all or what there is to know.
A lot has changed since I started putting down my thoughts here a few years ago. Both within and without.
What I had faith in back then is very different from what I have faith in today. What I saw as truth back then is very different from what I see as true today. (gee theres a statement just begging to be jumped on by hate filled trolls lurking about.....)
Right at this moment I am with total futility trying to convince my friend that not even Ron Paul can right this ship we called America. But he still holds onto the hope that america as we were taught to believe is good and noble and right and the light of the world, can be once again what we were mislead to believe it was in the first place.
Yeah, you'd better read that last sentence again to make sure you got it right. Of all the transformations and revelations I've undergone in the past 2 years, none was more difficult to comprehend than the one about our country. Marriages fail all the time. Wives betray and undermine and attempt to destroy and reduce to ruin, their husbands, all the time. That one was hard, but nothing like the one about my country being nothing I thought it was. That one, changed EVERYTHING.
Nowadays, when I try to watch things like political debates on tv, (and I emphasise the word "try" because it is so difficult a thing to do) , I can't believe that A: I used to BUY all the crap they dish out, and B:, EVERYONE believes the crap they dish out. Then after the debates, we have the commentators and experts piling MORE crap on top of the piles of crap we've just been force fed in the debate itself.
In a nutshell, heres a dose of reality to wash down all the crap you've been fed all your life.
There is no political race, debate, difference, or "core value" distinction between republicans democrats, or the "also-rans". Oh here we go. You arre shouting, "HOW CAN YOU SAY SOMETHING SO OBVIOUSLY STUPID AND UNTRUE!?!?!? (um, you say that a lot here, dontcha?)
The only difference in the body politic, is an illusion whos purpose it is to divide the members of the opposing camps. That means, that the seeming differences between parties, is IMAGINED.
The great champion and "savior" of conservatism in america, Ronald Reagan, was no different that Jimmy carter or Barrack Hussein Obama.
I know. You dont believe me. Gee Im crushed.
Explain to me how the great "conservative", the man who was all about American sovereignty and independence and strength, picked as HIS running mate and successor, the man who would be the first american president to usher in, welcome, champion, and PROMOTE, The New World Order, in which american sovereignty and independence, would be placed on the back burner of priorities?? Thats significant because it is not something that George Bush would have left out while being interviewed for the job of V.P., you know? Bush, because of his association with Reagan, had the backing of a duped regenerated conservative base, which was and is a significant portion of our duped whole polulation. If you can get half the duped muggles behind you instantly because you hoist the right banner, how hard would it be to convince the remainder of the duped population that what you stood for was right good and wholesome and in the best interest of america the Beautiful!??
We have had liberals and conservatives democrats and republicans smattered almost at perfect intervals in the past 50 years, and the direction of our nation hasn't changed no matter who was supposedly in charge of the oval office.
If you look at the CULTURAL direction of our nation, it has gone in NO direction except down, for the past 50 years. Didnt matter which political party was at the helm, the direction was the same. We have had ronald reagan, the first george bush, and the second bush, and I BEG you to give me one instance, other than lip service (notice I didnt include bill clinton in this request), when we as a nation have done ANYTHING to "return to conservative core values of our nation"?, as EVERY republican presidential candidate promises and preaches endlessesly to accomplish!?!?!? It hasn't happened, and it won't happen this time, either.
For you see (I doubt it) that the men we elect, are not the ones running this country. They are just the ones we elect, in order to keep the charade going on. They are just the puppets being played with for we, the muggles of society, to put our hopes and energies into.
So lets say you have paid a teensy bit of attention to this point. Lets say you even read the sentence that said "the men we elect as president are not the ones who run this country".
Then WHO is?, is the next logical question in the very unlogical hypothesis.
Remember Reagan's running mate and successor? He said it. He told us who. The New World Order.
Anybody who believes the NWO to be just a wacked out conspiracy theory is at this point, an ignorant muggle who is happy being so. They, the people in and behind the NWO, no longer hide nor are bashful of their plans, design and schemes to achieve their goal of a one world government. If by now you dont know about, understand, or believe the significance and reason behind the buildeburgs, the trilateral commission and the council on foreign relations, to name a few, well then go head and keep taking your blue pills. (or is it the red ones?)
There are a LOT of people in this country and the world who THINK they understand all this, but they only understand it insomuch as they understand THEM. A lot of people believe its just a matter of men running the banking empires being greedy for more and more money, so THEY are behind it all and if only we could expose and prosecute the BANKERS for their crimes all would be right. And there are the constitutionalists who believe that if only we could return to our core constitutional values and principles, THEN we could get our nation back again and everything would be honkey-dorey. The Ron Paul supporters are in that latter group. A lot of ron paul supporters int he former group too. Corporations are being blamed for America's ills, but its neither the corporations nor their lobbyists who are at the root of our problems.
Ron paul cant fix a system that not broken, its not even real anymore. You can't fix whats not there.
I have one link for you, and you know what? Those of you with eyes to see, will watch, and those of you who dont want to, will comment ceaselessly on the inanity of my posts and my links and the internet in general. Fine.
Funny thing about words. They usually come back on you and bite you twice as hard as what you inteneded their bite to be, on others.
I know that, and am more careful these days with mine.
The series is called, "Know your enemy".
Have a nice, new day.


  1. I agree; Once you eyes are opened, you never look at the news the same way again! One of my favorite web sites on this, is
    It made me realize that they know exactly what they're doing, and they believe it's all going according to their plan. Sadly, they didn't read the Bible first; our Lord had it all planned out (with a far better ending,) way before they made their plans!

    May Gods blessings be upon you and yours,
    C. Dunamis

  2. what I find as even more fascinating is how through either reading the bible or from their master understanding what is written there, they work to achieve goals predicted there. F'rinstance. The Rothschild family financing and being primarily responsible for the movement to recreate Israel as a nation. They started the process in the early 20th century and went as far as totally funding the building of the 2 most important political buildings in the new nation of Israel. They, the Rothschilds, were the driving force behind Israel becomming a nation once more, as predicted in Revelations. Starting with the League of nations and continuing through the united nations, The Rothschilds worked to this end, because Israel becoming a nation meant their master, the man of sin, would come to power.
    No, I don't see anything the way I used to .
    I can't emphasise enough how informative the series "Know Your Enemy" was, by The Fuel Project. It is like an 11 hour trip through the encyclopedia of spiritual and earthly reality.