Friday, 24 February 2012

Flying Under The Radar

Flying around undetected. That way no one, at least no one you WANT to know, knows you're there. In this age of recorded and documented EVERYTHING, thats kinda hard to acomplish, but it can be done to an extent. It just takes a lot of hiding and camoflauging and deflecting and such. The group of individuals commonly called paranoids (AHEM) quickly come to mind. They, we, usually try their best to cover tracks and hide our where and whatabouts.
My 14 year old son asked me last night, why do companies make FREE games for us to play online? It doesn't make any sense does it? I mean, are there groups of people and/or companies who just revel in the thought of their creations being enjoyed by so many people in the world?
Yeah thats it. And I get called crazy. I do y'know. Mostly by people who play farmville or mafia wars or whatever facebook related mind numbing game is popular these days.
So why do people make free games for us to play? Haven't THEY heard that there is nothing free in life? I think they have. They just get what they get without you knowing. They fly under the radar, undetected. Because you don't see, understand, or consider a dollar REALLY the price for the free game, doesnt mean there isn't one.

I watched a video of a CIA official singing the praises of facebook at a congressional hearing.
You know, that free social media site that you can't get ahead in corporate america if you are not fully immersed in. It seems, as per the CIA official's testimony, that facebook does for the agency what would otherwise take much more time and much more effort and money to accomplish. And, its done voluntarily, at no cost, and to levels and extents that the agency couldn't even IMAGINE before its inception. Ok, you say, the "good guys", the CIA, can compile information on people that it needs to. You know, the "bad" guys amongst us. (this is where my head starts to hurt)
Most people believe themselves to be the good guys, and they view their government and its agencies, like the CIA, similarly. I'm not going to go into some spiel here about "unless and until the people in charge of the government, at some point in time, BECOME not good....." You either get it, or you don't, and it, like most important things, it cant be taught to you or argued to you.
The fact is, secrectly, at least unbeknownst to the vast majority of facebook users, the CIA has compiled and recorded EVERYTHING you have EVER put on your facebook site. They have done this, under the radar, so to speak.
I know, you're not doing anything wrong, so you're not concerned. I get it, you're a trusting sort.
The point is, this is being done without your "knowledge", whether or not you are concerned about it.
I had the password to this site changed, recently. I didn't do it, someone ELSE did.
The CIA? Hardly. Someone will ill will towards me, most likely. Not the first time my email and personal sites were hacked into and my passwords were changed. Comes with the territory, or so I've read.
We, you, are not as secure or under the radar as we like to think we are. Did you know that there are programs readily available for your phone that enables others to assertain your location INSTANTLY, even when your gps function is turned OFF, just by placing a call to your phone? You know, place the call as "anonymous caller" so as not to tip your hand.........
AND, that you can actually use anyone's cellphone as a microphone to listen into whatever is going on around that phone, even if that phone is turned OFF!?!? Sounds outrageous and james bond-ish, doesn't it? Well, it isn't, and it ain't.
Its what crazy people do when they are obsessed with someone else. They HAVE to know, well, EVERYTHING, cuz they're crazy. And they keep THAT fact pretty much on the ground and parked in the hanger, let alone flying low under any possible radar.
All the while shouting "lookit all the CRAAAAAAZY stuff out there.
Makes a bad names for crazy people like me pointing out all the craziness in the world today. I do it to try and help and inform youse guys.
Call me crazy.

I've recently turned off a number of my radar cloaking devices in my life. No, not on my phone. In my life.

I have made a decision to live what I believe.

Yeah yeah yeah. You don't have to point out my failings and imperfections. I know them. So does God. I'm sure He's glad that I'm acknowledging them and asking His help in freeing me of.............. myself.

Hopefully there will be a difference thats observable. The problem with removing cloaking devices, is that it makes you vulnerable.

I ain't a-scared.


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