Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Of Drones, and building a smarter planet

It seems the more I learn the less I know.  On CBS's morning show the other day they did a story on black box type devices already installed in most cars.   Seems there was a politician who wrecked his car and blamed it on a patch of black ice, but the nice insurance adjusters checked the car's recording device (which NOBODY knows are there) and found a different story.  The guy was going over a hundred mph.  and he wasn't wearing his seat belt, among other things.    The talking heads on the show, and for morning shows its the least giddy and annoying of them all, just shook their heads in disapproval and were resigned to the fact that there really IS no privacy anymore.   The black boxes are already instoalled on most cars today.   Funny how that didn't get much fanfare.      
Progressive Insurance has commercials promoting a device that one plugs into the cars memory, or black box, and by giving progressive the info contained in it, you can maybe get a discount.   Oh goody.   I can save ten or 30 dollars a year, and all I have to do is tell the insurance company everything about my driving and my whereabouts??  Whadda deal.   The commercial promotes the concept as a "cool idea".  Now I don't know what the hell is so cool about  giving away information that no on e REALLY needs to know, but in this age of facebook and tweeting ones bowel movements for all the world to see, I can see that I am in the minority.   Uncool, as it were.
Hey on a good note the city of Santa Clara California   now has free outdoor wi-fi!  The wi-fi is necessary to collect the data from the "smart" meters (you know, building a smarter planet, and all that...) that have replaced the OLD fashioned electrical and water meters that actually had to be READ by a PERSON.  Now, these newfangled SMART meters automatically SEND the information of how much and when you use and how you use you electricity and water to.....well.....the water and electricity authorities.   And the same crazy people who say this is just another step in the troglodyte trudge to total monitoring and control, say that the smart meters actually give off some pretty unhealthy vibes.  At least thats what this guy says.  The good news is, those nice really smart people at the huff post say its a lot of hooey.   And if you can't believe Arianna Huffington, who the hell CAN you believe??     You decide.   And post what you believe on facebook, please.   Somebody out there gives a shit.
4 years ago when I first started to wake  up everybody thought I was crazy with my wild ideas and talk of doom and gloom.   My crazy ideas have since evolved into a crazier realm, which are mostly based on a "take a look around" philosophy.   Just watch and learn and tell me what you see.    I don't see the sky falling anymore, mostly because it isn't.  What IS happening, is something called geoengineering, which has been talked about at length and in pretty eye possing detail, by the sciencey-types in charge of making the planet smarter.     I knew somebody was doing SOMETHING, but didnt know who or what.
At least I could SEE what was in front of us all, but most viewed my eyesight as crazy talk.   Thats ok.     Except for the part where it was being done without telling any of us.  You know, like the black boxes being installed into our cars.  
 Maybe I just need to be a little more trusting of the authorities who run things like, everything, and just let them do whatever it is they deem necessary, and just get on with my facebookin and tweetin and dancin with the stars-a-watchin.    Life is sure simpler that way.    Sure is easier than wondering who the hell has a drone bullseye on their head and whether or not its warranted or justified or legal or any of those icky questions.  
Or worrying about those eeeeeevil terrorist types who are "detained" in Gitmo and are now in the middle of hunger strikes.   Protesting their captivity!!! the NERVE!!!!  So we haven't charged them with any crimes or anything, we're just detaining them.   um........for 10 years.   and those rules apply to ANYONE we deem a terrorist threat to our great freedom spreading via drones nation of ours.   Watch what blasty the drone has to say about this stuff.    Its a cartoon, you'll love it.   And cartoons aren't real, so you can go back to facebookin and tweetin afterwards with no worries about nuthin.

In conclusion, like paul simon said, and I couldn't have said it better.

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