Monday, 22 April 2013

USA!! USA!!!! USA!!!!!

I can't take it anymore.  
Whats sillier than claiming to find a drivers license of one of the supposed hijackers in the rubble of a collapsed skyscraper??  Well, nothing actually, but this is close.    50,000 (whatever the actual number, anything above a thousand and it gets silly exponentially) cops, soldiers, agents, tanks helicopters,.......for ONE 19 year old "suspect". 
This wasn't Jason frickin Bourne, folks.    A 19 yr old college student who by all accounts wasn't what the "evidence" makes him out to be.  
Time to put on your tinfoil thinking caps.   Why did the Boston Globe tweet this?   Does this make sense to ANYONE out there?   Seems a teensy bit coincidental.  
How smart are you?   Lemme ax you somethin.  If you just placed a bomb somewhere, would you stay in the area?  would you don a baseball cap and walk around knowing that there are cameras everywhere, especially in big cities in the land of the (buy one get one) free?  THINK.  How smart ARE you?   Smart enough to not walk out in front of a bus zooming by?  
story part B.   The suspects allegedly placed the pressure cooker bombs (which, were being called that MINUTES after they went off.   hmmmmmmmmm), then they walked away calmly and went about their lives.    4 days later the federallies released photos of the suspects, and the chase is on.  Supposedly they robbed a convenience store.  then they didnt rob the convenience store.  Then they supposedly shot a MIT police officer who was sitting in his car (bravely and heroicly we are told) because they were afraid he might identify them.  THEN they supposedly carjacked a mercedes suv, supposedly stole the suv's owners debit card and went to three different places to empty his account.   THEN, they just let the mercedes owner walk away, unharmed save for  emotional wear and tear.   Minutes after supposedly assasinating a police officer out of fear of being identified.  They let walk away the guy who could identify them, AND tell the federallies what kind of car they are driving, HELL, they could call onstar and track the goddam car in REALTIME!!!!
Yeah, that makes sense.  Oh, and before they let the guy go free, they told him (ala richard pryor and gene wilder)...."yeah, we BAD.....AND, we're the marathon bombers!!!"
Yeah, that makes sense too.   
Oh, and the supposed carjacking victim, is nowhere to be found.  Seems he doesnt want to be identified.  Hes hidden better than a 70 yr old terror mastermind draggin a dialysis machine through the hindu-kush mts.........
FUCK "privacy".  If I were a reporter, I'd find that guy and ask him what the hell exactly happened and why is he hiding?    Hell in this current climate of being a hero cuz you're sitting in your car, this guy could be on mt rushmore in a coupla years.   Or at the least have box seats at fenway in perpetuity.  
Doesn't add up.
And I'm not the first one to say that, either.
3 different people interviewed on the night of the big chase/manhunt in boston, all said that the federallies version of who these guys were didnt match up with the personal accounts of 10 years of association.  Not in the least.  The most damning bit of social media evidence they could come up with (and televise) was "I've been in america 10 yrs and I dont have a single american friend"      Gee, what a threat.
But wait, I'm just getting started here.    So the federallies announced a lockdown "request" that shut ALL boston businesses (except for the dunkin donut in watertown where it looked like a lawr enforcement convention.  I kid you not.  Can't have 50,000 cops without a goddam donut shop in sight, now can we?  They also cancelled all sporting events in Boston, and told residents to stay in their houses and lock their doors and don't open them unless there was a uniformed lawr enforcement officer (or a navy seal assault team) at the door.    Around 6 pm on friday, they must have run out of creme filling or jelly donuts or something, because the order was lifted, and the good heroic citizens were told they were allowed contrary requests, I guess,  leave their homes.   The federalli in charge said the suspect must not be in the area, so go ahead and take fido for a walk or do what it is you do when the city isnt shut down because of one guy on the run.....
Minutes later newsmen and busloads of lawr enforcement types and donut makers were making haste for a house ONE BLOCK away from where they were, because some brave heroic compliant citizen noticed a man fitting the discription of suspect #2, hiding in his boat.  In his driveway.   A block away.      DOZENS of gunshots and small explosions are heard coming from the area of the getaway boat, and then a request is made for a "fbi negotiator".     I guess the explosions and bullets softened him enough to want to talk to an official negotiator.   An hr or so later, a request is made for medical assistance.  
The brave officers (20 or 30 combat soldiers) stormed the boat with flash bang grenades and a hail of bullets (from their direction) and the suspect is taken into custody.   
And not read his miranda rights.   Well, because the white house says  theres this clause that  if the public is in danger or threatned then they dont have to..........
John Ashcroft said the next day that they didnt have to mmirandize the suspect cuz hell, the govt has enough evidence anyways to get a conviction, so we dont even NEED his statement!!!!
And the goddam idjit newsperson took that as a reasonable answer, from a reasonable expert!!!!! 
Last time I checked, Miranda rights weren't something set up to provide the govt with a surefire way to obtrain evidence, was it?!?!?!?
And I'm the crazy one. 
Not so much.

Now.  But wait, there's more.

Suspect in custody, guns are put away (for now), and the good brave heroic tight knit citizens of Boston come out of their homes, and what  do they do after a harrowing day of watching tv and playing on their computers and x-boxes!?!!?
They cheer and sing for the brave 50,000 soldiers/lawr enforcement officers and federallie agents who protected them so well in the past 24 hrs.   USA!!  USA!!!!  USA!!!!!!
My son saw that and said, what, did we win a game or something?
I replied, not exactly, but 50,000 cops soldiers with tanks and machine guns and helicopters and trained dogs and half the suburbans chevy ever produced, just caught a wounded 19 year old college kid who was hiding in a boat.
And they shot the shit out of him, too.

Other than that, its all good.
Well, they won't let anyone see him or let him have a lawyer or let a reporter or his family  see him or talk to him. 
Other than THAT, its all good.
And he can't talk, but he can write. 
I guess they needed a fbi negotiator/stenographer the other day.   The guy can't talk, but he needed a negotiator.
Oh,   I'm told that was BEFORE the 30 or 40 rounds of negotiation the brave heroes sent in the wounded 19 yr old college kid's direction.

Yep.  Thats how it went down. 
Now we have kumbayah moment of silences all over america and we sing the national anthem a little bit louder with a little straighter stance......cuz we won't let the terrorists win here in America DAMMIT!!!!!

Thats the FBI's job.  
They're the good guys.


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