Thursday, 3 September 2009

These are a few of my favorite things............

My eyes well up as the blue band drum corp plays their special little ditty just before they take the field every game.

Every morning I'm hunting, when the darkness wanes and daylight first makes its presence known, when shapes begin to form, and the forest awakens.

Being thought of as more than I think I am.

Good Red Wine.

Good conversation.

Silence, unless I'm looking for good conversation.

Choosing the right fly, and making the right cast, at the right time.

Everything that leads up to making that cast.

A really good book.

Handing that book off to someone I know will appreciate it.

Ice Hockey.

Making Love, as opposed to having sex.

Clear, crisp, starry nights.

Creaky wooden screen doors.

Stories of the "old days".

Standing in a river and feeling the water flow through me.

For hours.

Frank Sinatra music.

The SMELL, of autumn.

When the child who never says "I love you dad" says it.

Saying it back.

I like fireworks.

Getting a good picture of something.

Knowing what my dogs were thinking and trying to tell me.

Knowing how to tell them what I was trying to say.

Puppy breath.

A good cigar.

Having someone say "yeah, I'd like to have a beer and talk to you...."

I LOVE women, because I love to talk to them. I dont care about cars, or money, or poker, but I love to talk about flowers and ideas and emotions and such. I havent found too many guys yet who were willing to be as silly as me.

I love guns, too, but could give a rats ass about how they work. I like them to work, and I LOVE to shoot, but beyond that, who cares.
Shoot em, clean em, put em back together till the next time.

Its all "chlorine" talk when it gets down to mechanics and ballistic coefficients and such.

I dont need to know why the car can go fast, just like I dont need to know why the bullet hits the target. I just like it to, and like being able to make it do so.

There are more important things to worry about, is how I view it. Let the pot bellied guy with the half eaten stogie worry about making it work. I just want it to. We all have our roles to fill.

Above all, I like being loved.

There is nothing else, really.

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