Sunday, 27 September 2009

What does God do with the money, dad?

Nice pic, huh?
I told everyone all week, that I didnt want to go to THIS game.
I KNEW that Penn State would lose THIS game.
Then, on Friday, my daughter in college in Philly called to tell me that she REALLY wanted to come home, and oh, by the by, she had two tickets for she and I to go to THE game.
You know, the game I didnt want to go to.
So friday, I head on down to Philly, around 6 PM, when everyone else in Philly wants to leave.
Yeah, it was peachy.
Friday Schyukill traffic. 5 hours turns into 7 hours.
Kids, sheesh.
Saturday comes along, and I, we, had this confirmation thingy to go to, for my oldest son.
It was swell, as fine a confirmation ceremony as there ever was.
Afterwards we head back to the ranch where I, not one for chlorine conversations, turned on ESPN, which HAPPENED to be broadcasting from Happy Valley that day.
THAT, was all that my A.D.D. ass needed to blurt out to my daughter, "Lets GO!"
And go we did.
Another 2 1/2 hour (one way) trip this weekend, to see a game I didn't want to see. (see where this is going?)
We drove down to ever happy valley, the rain started about 2/3rds of the way there,
and it didnt stop for the rest of the weekend.
We luckily got a parking spot at the Hub (to all of you who dont know happy valley, its a covered parkade), and on a rainy football saturday, that is like winning the Pa Lottery.
And I mean we were in the right place, at the right time, to the SECOND. We parked, made our burnt offerings to the parking gods, and were on our way.
We walked around downtown, had coffees, watched people and bought ponchos and the usual stuff, and headed up to the stadium, with the rest of the faithful.
I KNEW Penn State would lose this game, but as they say "hope springs eternal".
That, and I told my dear daughter that "we are going to stay till halftime, and then head home.
At least we won't get home at 3 AM". It was my one injection of logic and sanity in the whole mix.
Then we trudged up to the stadium, waited in line (in the rain) for the increased security checks, bought our hot chocolate so we could have new mugs to remind her of this great place for the next year, and headed out to our seats.
Our seats, by the by, were as good as good gets. Better than good. Incredible.
Pouring rain, nighttime, knowing we were going to lose.
As half empty a glass as you could ever hope for, right?
Then we walked out of the ramp, and into the stadum, where a hundred thousand other delusional, enthusiastic fools waved their pom poms and cheered for their team.
At that time, at that place, in that rain, I KNEW, (knowing they were going to lose), that there was NO place on EARTH that I'd rather be.
Not in front of some warm dry tv, to be sure.
I HAD to be here, tonight.
And I was, with my daughter. She wanted to be there even more. Not something you could explain to a non believer.
THAT, was the important part of the evening. The actual game, was incidental.
Age realigns priorities like that.
It was more than fun.
It was magical.
If you haven't been there, in that setting, you wouldn't understand.
Like someone who has never loved. You can't explain to them what its like. If Shakespere can't, you or I surely can't.
Fast forward to 18 hours ago, when everyone was scurrying to get ready for church.
My 10 year old daughter was all upset because she couldn't find her purse.
I said "you don't need your purse for church" (very matter of factly)
To which she responded "but daddy, I want to put some money in the basket......"
To WHICH my 5 year old daughter immediately asked "What does God do with the money daddy?"
Explaining why its magical to drive 2 1/2 hours and sit in a pouring rainstorm to watch your team (which you know is going to lose), is easier to explain to a hypothetical wife who hypothetically wants to understand why you do the things you do......................................
than it is to explain "what does God do with the money, daddy?"
I said "He builds churches with it".
She, the 5 year old, looked at me like I was a fool who enjoyed driving 2 1/2 hours to sit in a rainstorm and watch my team lose, for FUN.
Sharp cookies, kids are.
But thats my answer and I'm stickin to it.
It was Magical, and
God needs it.
Silly as it sounds, its the truth.


  1. what, didn't your wife want to go w/ you. Wouldn't your daughter babysit.

  2. yeah nice try.
    If I want to get ignored and have a silent 2 1/2 hour trip, I could stay home and walk around the yard for 2 1/2 hours.
    Now go and play stupid somewhere else.

  3. At least I know you read this, ________.

    Unfortunately, your reading comprehension is not up to par, because if it were, you would understand what it is I write about.
    F'rinstance, old broken toys is not about toys, and football games is not about football.

    I cant take it anymore.
    People who believe themselves smarter than me don't undestand a goddam thing.