Tuesday, 14 July 2009

broken hearts and kittens

theres a testosterone tester for ya, huh?
Tonight, someone very dear to me called me and told me that her love is leaving her.

What do you say?
We talked as best we could on a phone a hundred something miles apart from one another.
Hugs are what works best in these cases, but the right words help, too.
I didnt have too many, I'm afraid. Shakespere would be hard pressed to alleviate the pain of a broken heart, an ill equipped dirt merchant is like the proverbial fish on a bicycle.

I tried honey, I tried.
I know how bad it hurts, trust me I do.

I'm not that old.

It will be ok, despite what it feels like now.

Trust me.

Normally, I work alone, or at least alone on jobsites.
Not this time.
Its like a major construction site, with machines and dozens of people and proucts being moved in every day.
Like a frickin sleeveless shirt circus.

I'm on a seperate section of the project, doing my thing. Now you have to understand that I make one HUGE noisy mess doing what I do, and it was a real shocker to see a teeny tiny little kitten stumble into my work area.
I wear ear protection due to the racket my stone saw makes, and this pathetic little kitty just stumbled up and laid down in front of me.
It had a cut in its ribs, and its eyes were all crusted over.
The poster child kitten of "spay and neuter your animals".
Lets go back to the setting.
Machines, BIG machines, guys working moving earth and rock and doing guy stuff. (y'know, cussing and scratching and such)
And heres this pathetic little kitty.

One guy goes out and gets some kitty food and some medicine spray for its wound, to keep the flies off of it.
I cut up two coffee cups, to make food and water bowls.

You'd swear Pamela Anderson Showed up to take donations for the SPCA or somethin.

Sometimes it just doesnt add up. Do what you can, and dont try to figure out the "Whys" all the time.


  1. I 'm not a big fan of feral cats. I think the do way more harm than good. I do like snakes though. They do way more good than harm, except they're the embodiment of Satan. Wait cats are the embodiment of Satan, no Pigs are the embodiment of Satan. WTF? Why do peole love feral cats and hate native snakes? Warm and fuzzy I guess.

  2. no, its cuz snakes can kill with a teeny prick of their teeth. Poof like a fairy, youre all gone.
    At worst, 5 minutes locked in a room with a dozen feral cats, and you'll need some stitches and some shots.

    Kinda like an evening at Bankos.

  3. There aren't any snakes I know of in PA that will kill an adult human being, feral cats could potentially have rabies and that is far worse than being bitten by a garder (gardner in papinki) snake. I can't ever recall someone being accidentally bitten by a snake, ever (please no Noxen, Finngan, or Hoss jokes, please).

    Feral cats kill over one million song birds daily. Feral cats should be exterminated with hot lead.

  4. this kitty shown care, will become un-feral.
    A poisonous snake, (no matter the amount of domestication it receives), will still be able to kill its owner at the flick of its bic.
    Of all the people I know, one old lady was bitten by a copperhead, while walking on HER land. No one I know, was ever attacked by an enraged kitten, or even a grown up cat.
    Thats the only statistic I am interested in. A poisonous snake on my property, has a death warrant on its head. It is an intruder, and a threat. It can peacefully coexist somewhere else.
    But unlike that german prisoner turned free in "Saving Private Ryan", I'm not going to give it the opportunity to come back and bite me in the ass, or anywhere else.