Thursday, 16 July 2009

The doctor is in....................

Some people are "helpers". Its in their nature. Its what they do.
Me? I fought and kicked and cussed my way so I could work all by my damseff, and now people come up to me and ask me, "Whats the meaning of life"? (With a couple freakin fricks thrown in just for effect).
Gee, here, lemme put this 150 lb stone down and get right back to you................
I sat down (relax, any boss-types, we GET breaks, y'know)....and we had a chat. Two dirty (albeit fit and strangely enticing) dirt merchants discussing the meaning of life. Again with the mental images. Most people dont think construction types HAVE conversations like this. Mostly, we don't, but the world aint what it used to be, so I suppose I should get used to this.
What a 15 minute conversation. We talked about A-theories and E-theories and aliens and quarks and negative energy (ooooh I just go the attention of the educated crowd). It was pretty interesting, especially given the setting.
Now I admit that the kid was a college student sumer help worker, but still.................its not what I expected to have to answer when this day started out.
God knows that there are enough shiney objects to keep my mind occupied without some discombobulated kid coming along and making me FOCUS for a while.
He said he's a geo-physicist student, and he likes to understand "things" from a scientific standpoint.
I said you cant understand faith from a scientific standpoint, thats why they call it faith and not science. He laughed at it, and then he got it.
(neato, I snuck one by a geo-physicist student)
We talked about Tesla and his energies theories and the Philadelphia experiment and we talked about current events as they pertain to ancient prophecies. He thought he was confused, then I showed him there are things he never even heard of yet, to be REALLY confused about...................
The kids a complete mess, and where does he go for help?
To the guy on top of the hill, cutting stones under a tent, listening to kenny chesney sing "something sexy about the rain".
Makes sense, right?
Note to self........find a can and write "advice, 5 cents" on it................
Oh yeah, and get more kitty food.
Turns out the kitty is getting better, the client is a huge Obama supporter, and she HATES cats.
Now THAT, adds up...................................

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