Thursday, 9 July 2009


Know why I like em?
Its because they're not here very long, and they ask us to siddown and notice something valuable (for cryin out loud) before its too dammed late, and they're all gone.
Its because everything is aligned against them, from climate to insects to diseases to soil conditions to you name it, yet here they are again.
They're delicate, and yet tenacious.
Beautiful, and tough.

Like me. :-)

Like people in general.
If you dont slow down and notice them, pretty soon they're all gone, except they wont come back next spring or summer.
Once people are gone, they're gone.

I sat and talked for hours with a friend tonight, and it was a night well spent.
Its a friend I'm still getting to know, but one of those people you just "click" with.
We talked about our mutual interest in flowers, and our mutual philosophy of life. That struck me as odd, when I thought about how different we are, in age in background and accomplishments and all that. Sort of a frog and a princess kind of relationship. But still we click.
We sat and watched hummingbirds feed on Monarda flowers all evening, and each time one buzzed by, it was an event. It was appreciated, and noticed .
We could all survive rather nicely on the small things in life, if we werent so easily distracted and overcome by the shinier things.

Coming off a tremendous tragedy in her life and struggling through major physical ailments, I felt like just hugging her all night, but she just talked and talked and talked.
Sometimes, I found out, people just need to talk, and tell us of their accomplishments and meaningful events in their lives.
Sometimes, our job is to merely listen, and to learn.

And to watch the hummingbirds feed on the flowers.

Nice work if you can get it................................

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