Sunday, 12 July 2009


Talk about not adding up.

Bear with me, as I'm a wee bit technologically challenged. Being new to Facebook and how it operates (and even what the heck its all about), is a bit of a mystery to me.

But its a great place to accumulate friends. They come out of the woodwork the moment you join up.

Making friends in real life is a lot harder, and a lot more complicated than it is online.

Apparently the only criteria is that you have something (ANYTHING or anyone) in common, and voila, friendship.

If it were only that simple in the real world.

I've yet to encounter anyone who wasnt positively giddy on facebook, and even those who were on the lower end of the giddy scale, seemed to be headed to giddyville on the express track.

Whats my point? I dont hang out with giddy people. Besides the fact that most of them voted giddily for B.O., giddiness annoys me.

I wonder if these friends will help me when I need my garden tilled, or when my car breaks down?

THOSE kinds of friends, we all need. And, they dont have to be bothered with me sharing what I had for a mid-morning snack today, either. Like they care.

Like they have nothing better to do than read about me stubbing my toe a minute ago, or that I opened the fridge and found nothing desirous inside..........................Oh the Horror.

My friends are like me. They're doing stuff. And not telling all their friends all about it at every turn. (No, this is NOT the same thing. I space it out).

I never "woo-hoo" in real life. Do you? Lotta woo-hooing going on on facebook. I think it has something to do with the giddness and all.

maybe I really AM missing the point. God knows giddy people sure appear friendly, so maybe THATS the secret.

To woo-hoo and tell everybody all the mundane occurances of your life.

Geeze, and here I've just been wasting your time with "we're all gonna die, the country is in the toilet, and flowers. and such".

Stubbed toes and descriptions of yesterday's salads it is, from here on out.

Or not.

I dont even care about salads and stubbed toes.

The inside of my head is like Times Square these days, the last thing I need to do is start focusing on salads.

Its hard enough the way it is to stay focused.

I'll end up stubbing my toes or playing whack-a-mole with my fingers while setting stones at work..

Or something.

I'd better stick to the End of the World and my general purpose drame queen stuff.

Can I get a woo-hoo?


  1. I like to add a simple thought of the woo hoo crowd, why do they aske me "where are you partying at?" Partying? Who the hell has time to party every Friday and Saturady night? The woo hoo crowd?

  2. maybe you exude "partyness".

    Nobody axes me where the party is.................