Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Love is in the Air.......................

So we're sitting around at lunchtime today, when this one chap...........who is a cross between Grizzly Adams..................and his grizzly, comes off with "My wife can't WAIT for trapping season to begin".

I said, "Chuck, you ought to get down on your knees every night and thank God Almighty that he made a woman like that, and that you two actualy met...."

Chuck, you see, is a guy who didnt think there was anything wrong with making up a batch of "woodchuck stew" for a christmas party. And, he didnt tell anyone it WAS woodchuck stew, until........it was too late.

Like I said, grizzly Adams. When Chuck said he got married, I immediately knew two things.
A: there IS a God, and
2: He can do anything.

Then after work, another guy comes up to me and says "wait till I tell you about the girl I met...."

And I mean the guy was beaming, and if you've read the past few posts, I'm saying that that is a good thing.

But this guys not all mushy like me.

God couldn't have made a better woman than what he was describing. I mean for HIM.

(I already have the perfect woman, and she reads this. I'm married, remember? )

Oh man now I gotta back-peddle like Lance Armstrong going over a cliff.........................

Anyways, it struck me as odd that guys would get all mushy while scratchin and swearin and being guys, is the point.

Its fun to see.

Manly men getting yanked around like they're being towed behind a boat, and smiling while they're bouncing every which way.

Go0d stuff.



I've always been goofy like this.

I just like em randy.

(Thats a joke, for those of you who know what randy means. Drama queens dont like randy)

All the time.


  1. You know what they say about itches, and heart-itches are the hardest to resists. Even big, burly Grizzly Adams types have to scratch sometimes. Hehe.

  2. Lust is in the air, most people aren't capable of love.

  3. most people have never experienced it.