Friday, 24 July 2009

saving the world

Some people tell me I can write. Mostly they say they like the funny stuff, and who doesn't? Especially nowadays.
If you went back to where and why this blog thingy started, you'd have noticed that it was very different from what it morphed into.
All those previous passions are still very much intact, but nobody wants to hear the rantings of an (albeit correct) madman. My wife told me last night that I should use this gift in conjunction with my political passions, but those two never seem to come close to each other. Once I go down that road, its a whole different me that comes out.
I'm looking at a stack of American political/history/current events/world politics types of books in front of me, and having read them and connected many of the dots that elude a lot of people, there's very little humor in the picture that is formed by those dots.
But people want to laugh. Thats as not addin' up as it gets.
"Good morning Mr Phelps. Your mission, should you accept it, is to get people to realize that the sky is indeed falling, and you must make them laugh in the process.... Good luck Jim......"

Yeah, and you thought YOU had a tall order to fill.

So I got to thinkin' and readin' and googlin' and such..........................
I found this guy who made this political cartoon. He's misguided as hell, and has both feet in on the Dark Side of issues, but he uses humor (well.......) to get his point across.

I gotta find something funny in having our freedoms stripped away like Michael Jackson's fortune after the funeral.
I gotta see something funny in watching some "health care expert" on the Today show join the propoganda fray, and attempt to convince Americans that we really NEED to submit our freedoms and very lives to a panel of bureaucratic experts. You know, government experts.

I don't know if I can find it.
I'm terrified, to be honest, and most people dont even realize the ramifications of it all. Most people are trusting and relying on a media that is hell bent on keeping the dots as unconnectable as possible.

This saving the world thingy is going to be harder than I imagined. People are more inclined to believe experts and talking heads on TV, not some goofy dirt merchant on the injured reserve list.

But I got you to laugh, and to think.
I opened up myself to you(se) to get you to trust me, in my insight and my judgements.

And here you thought I was just being mushy.

My wife tells me that people are more inclined to listen to what's being said if its said in a certain way.
I say its a matter of trust.
You may have spent the past few or dozen or whatever years studying the economy, your degrees, or your business.
I've been studying THIS. I've been neck deep in this puzzle that is this administration and this movement of his. It didnt start with the last campaign, or the last election. It started around 1900.

Trust me.

I promise to try and make you laugh, while scaring the frickin bejeebus out of you.

Trust me.

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