Monday, 20 July 2009

Last Call For Apples

Progress. Its a wonderful thing. 6 days into it, and the difference between before I got there, and now, is noticable.
The kitty is much better, f'rinstance. Well, better fed, and he now has a little stone hut on the edge of the property to keep him (her?) safe from bigger, meaner, meat eatin' critters at night, or when Cruella DeVille the cat hater client comes around...............
The kitty wont warm up to me though . Not like I want it to devote its life to me, but gee whiz, a rub on my leg and a purr "thanks" would be nice once in a while.
Oh it comes a-runnin' when I come up the steps in the morning to work, but it just wants to eat. The minute I bend down to attempt to pet it, its off to kitty kastle again.
Before work I stop at the Sheetz and get a coffee, a string cheese/slim jim kind of snack, and a can of kitty food, for our mascot.
I know I know, the whole reason for starting to take care of it was because it needed taking care of, not for any return affection.
But gee whiz. A crumb would be nice at this point.
Ok, I'm a little cranky today.
I broke my finger. I think. It hurts like hell, is swollen, inflamed, and with that hand, I couldnt squeeze the toothpaste out this morning. Hitting stones with my mallet with the same hand all day long will have an effect on one's disposition, I suppose. Its not the kitty's fault.
She also doesnt know that I will only be on the job for 2 more days, and then after that, its on its own. The other sentimental types from the company left the site last week. Now, its just me and kitty. Next week the "work release" crew comes in. (shudder)
Yikes. Maybe getting eaten by a coyote or getting goodyear disease on the road isn't so bad after all.
Hard not to get attached when you "adopt" or put effort into something, y'know? Dogs anyways. Not so much with cats, but this one is special.
I'm a Labrador guy, and dont want any other type of dog.
I was working on a job when someone offered me a Lapso-Shitzu mop thingy puppy, and knowing I would
A: thrill my kids, and B: give my wife gray hair, I said "sure".
Its the kids and wife's dog. I dont claim any responsibility or affection for it, cuz its just a footwarmer, and it expects to be treated like royalty. I buy its food and the kids provide it with all the attention its little royal heart desires.
Point is, I reserve my affections for dogs that I have a relationship with. Not just because. Dogs I bond with through things like working /training together and sharing sandwiches in duck blinds in snow storms and such. Guy and dog stuff.
Stuff that bonds and binds us. Not footwarmin and "ooh lookit how cute I am with a bow in my hair....." Good grief.
This kitty doesnt think it's royalty. In fact, the other day I noticed that it actually felt good enough to play, and thats a very big improvement. It was rolling around and chasing rock chips I would roll towards it (man I hope the bosses arent reading any of this).
This kitty will never expect fancy feast in a crystal server. 9 lives right out of the can, and its all happy to see me. Or the 9 lives. I havent figured that part out yet. Life support, or bonding?
I suppose it doesnt matter.
Its all about the kitty.
Gee, I should have gotten in touch with my feminine side a long time ago, this is fun.
Or not. Better to have waited till now, when I can defend myself better.
Anyways, everybody wants me to bring the kitty home.Well, of course except my wife. You know, the reasonable one.
I'll give the kitty a couple more days to warm up to me.
Too bad the kitty cant read, eh? :-)
Years ago I planted an apple tree for my mom, and the thing grew like a weed, upwards, but never made even one apple.
So one day I went out to it and said "alright tree" (I called it tree cuz I didnt name it, I'm NOT crazy after all.....)
"I'll give you till NEXT year to grow some friggin apples. If not, its the fire pit for you....."
The Next year, we had a bumper crop. (true story) Fertilizer shmertilizer. Show the trees who's boss.
I'd do that to the kitty, but I cant.
I already named it.

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