Sunday, 26 July 2009

High Noon

Thats the movie thats on right now. An old western with Gary Cooper who as the hero of the movie, has a date (at noon) with destiny. One vs. everybody.

No relevance whatsoever, except I had a thought to bang down here, and didnt have a particular title.

I've learned to go with what I've got.

We attended a shin-dig at a nice country club today, and were seated with some nice, but complete stranger-type people.

I wasn't feeling very celebratory, due to whatever reason, but it was a nice time for nice people.

We sat at the table and exchanged the usual pleasantries with our table-mates, but one guy in particular seemed to be on the Wally-World Promotion team. It was all he talked about, even including pulling up a video of Main Street U.S.A. on his I-phone. He talked of the rides, the attractions, the shows, the places to stay in the park, and the best time to go there.

He even mentioned that they are running a lot of promotion packages, and that you can really get a good deal...................

I said that I saw some of the promotions being run, and the guy asked "oh, is THAT what you do for a living?" I said "no, I just pay attention to things".

"Oh". He said.

"What do you do?"

I told him, and the conversation immediately and permanently shifted.

We then received a different sales pitch, to which I replied, "the reason I dont like Wally World, is because of the crowdedness and the fakeness of it all, not for those reasons.

"I like Sanibel Island, and the Florida Everglades. I'm THAT kind of person".

Once you're pegged, you're pegged, and nothing you can do will ever change that, it seems.

You are how people see you, not how you see you.

Ideally, its the other way around, but until and unless you are independently wealthy or king and imperial dictator, it is what it is.

So you listen to successful people who "own a condo RIGHT there in Disney" explan the virtues of, and the need FOR, children to visit the place.

So I shut down, which is better than over achieving in an attempt to make a point that I may have felt was necessary to make.

Its ok I suppose, to each his own. You'd think I'd be a little thicker skinned by this point.

But you know me.

Oh yeah, the movie.

Gary Cooper's character was saved by the woman he loves.

All men need that, y'know. We hero types can take care of 9 out of 10 bad guys, but that 10th one who has the draw on us, will get us if that woman doesnt step up and save us.

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