Monday, 31 August 2009

The first day of school

That phase gets a myriad of responses, depending on how one is affected by it.

Some moms (and from what I've seen, some dads) look forward to it like a date with Chippendales and/or a case of apple martinis.

Some moms (ahem) look forward to it like their beloved little chitlins are going off to war. We dads who arent testosterone deprived, cant seem to get our arms around the concept of the kids being gone all day, as being a bad thing, or a traumatic thing.

Men are from mars, and women are from venus, I suppose.

Kids? Like I HAVE to say where THEY come from!?!?

Heres a hint, you dont have to TEACH kids, to misbehave. They all have PhD's in that department.

Here's how your typical dad feels about this subject.

Kids gone? Frees mom for what moms were meant to do.

You know, clean the house, and have sex.

No, not with the chippendales, with the dad.

Or at least thats how its supposed to work, in the world of a dads.

How do (some) moms view it?

Like some storm troopers just yanked the kids out of her arms, and put them in a boxcar.

I dont get it, but its not my job to get it, (yeah, literally) its my job to make it better.

A:I could shoot the storm troopers, I suppose..........or
B:remind her that the kids usually spend the vast majority of their waking moments giving her gray hair and ulcers...............................or

C: I can bring home a bananna cream pie ( a fav) and tell her to "go take a bath".

I went with "C".

Didnt see any storm troopers, and that would've been my first choice.
Choice B, would've turned a weepily nice trauma into a "DID YOU JUST DO WHAT I THINK YOU JUST DID?!" type of trauma.
I'm dense, but not an idiot.

Its not necessarily how WE view the trauma that affects others, its how THEY are affected by it.

Now being a drama queen means that everybody in my orbit is subjected to their fair share of traumas. Sometimes, no matter how silly it may appear to an outsider, they dont feel silly to those in the middle of it all.

Like the first day of school.

How someone, (especially those close to us) react to our little traumas, says everything.

A kind word when a kind word is needed, is everything.

And everything, is all that matters.

You can read this, and for some strange reason apply it to your life, and maybe it'll help someone sometime.

But if you have to tell your special someone, "no, this REALLY bothers me", then maybe your trauma isnt the real issue.

So for those of you out there wondering is your special someone is "involved" as you, or even at all.....................

if you have to ask, then the answer is no.

Loving isnt about being nice. Its about being everything, without being told that you need everything.

Its simple, really.

Like the first day of school.

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