Sunday, 2 August 2009

you just never know where its all going to end up

We had a pretty good plan all worked up for our mascot the kitty.
One of the guys I work with, has a something-in-law who works at a vets office, and that someone was going to provide the necessary (FREE) medical care for the kitty, if I took her home.
The very day we were going to enact operation Lumpy-Extraction, the owner's daughter came out and said "Oh I took the kitty to the vet, and then I'm going to give it to a friend of mine who just had to put her cat down.........."
So this kitty who started life alone and flying through the air in the talons of a hawk, really DOES end up in a palacial setting, eating fancy feast out of crystal goblets.
Go figure.
But wait.................there's MORE!

So my kids are playing rescue ranger in the yard, and Casey (in the pic) comes running up to me and saying

So my wife goes into the brushpile where the kitty noises were emanating from (what, you think I am going in there!?!?!? There might be a frickin SPIDER in there!!!)

And there was. Is. Another kitty, I mean.
Ferrel!?!? About as wild as.....well.........a kitten. My wife reaches into the brushpile and extracts the source of the meeow-ing, and like a magician, pulls a kitty out of the mess.
This thing in 2 minutes is purring and playing with the family (not my) yip-yip dog, and cuddling up to the kids like its been here forever. Well, technically, it HAS been here for ITS forever......but not around us.

I dunno. I give up trying to plan and figure things out.
Not like I was ever a list maker, anybody who knows me knows I usually fly by the seat of my pants, but this is getting obvious now. It seems the more I plan, the less it works out. Heckuva philosophy, I know.
Far be it for me to argue with the obvious cosmic scheme of things, right?

Surf. When the wave comes, jump on it, and ride it out.

Funny how things work out.

Kitty mascot has a better home than I could ever hope to give it, kids have the kitty-pet I said there were going to have, and the yip-yip dog has something that makes it feel large and imposing.

Oh, and I didnt get bit by another frickin spider.


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