Thursday, 6 August 2009

"thats what she said..."

"boy that was quick"

"I only ran for a mile tonight. I was going for speed, not endurance".

"What the hell are you planning to do with THAT!?!?

(I bought another gun)

"hey you know what you havent done for 2 days!?"

" its been a lot more than that, but thanks for your concern............."

"you havent written anything".

"Oh yeah. That too. Hey, they might not be mutually exclusive..........................."

Women can be funny without even trying.

They can be a lot of things without really trying.

Like rulers of the world. Good thing they don't realize that one.

Guys are dopes. Alright alright stop the cheering. Admitting it isn't the same as liking it.
Most guys try and be all tough and distant and non-communicative, but in truth, its because we're too goddam stupid to do anything else.

What, you think I'm kidding?
Women OWN us. Can get us to do ANYTHING. They just don't know it. Oh sure, some THINK they know it, but it usually backfires on those types.

Find the guy who would fall on a sword, eat tofu, or even wear a goddam seatbelt, for his woman, and then find HIS woman, and talk to HER.
She'll tell ya.
Men are dopes, and you own em.

She told me as much.

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