Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Happy's Salad

So Happy (my youngest little princess whose actual name is Carie)comes in the house, after picking some veggies from the garden.
In her hands, is a small cucumber, and two tomatos held right under it.

She proudly presents what she's picked, and then asked me, "do you know what this is called?"

I said, "the question is, happy, do YOU know what thats called?"

she said it was a salad.

I said perfect, and she should call that configuration a salad until she was 40.
She laughed, but she didnt know why.
I have that effect on females, y'know.
Funny how two people can see the exact same thing, and come up with two completely (bizarre) interpretations.
Part of the journey, I suppose.

So theres this guy at work.
Seinfeld could make another billion with some of the stuff I see up there.
This guy makes...well...ME look suave.
Shuffles his feet when he walks and eminates loud noises from all ends, just because he can.
Ok, enough praises.
So the other day, he comes off with,
"I cant work with those college kids, theyre GAY and keep looking at my ass."

Now let me assure you of two things.
A: I'm not gay (not that there is anything wrong with that), and
2: Not a gay guy on the PLANET, would ever look at that guy's ass. Not even on
Gay Planet of the Apes. But thats not how he sees it.
Thats interpretation for ya.

Remember I told you my boss was all micro micro manage and hyper focused and all? Remember how I told you I say things like "just grab me by the shoulders and point me in the general direction....?"

You thought I was kidding, didntcha?
If he had a drinking problem, it'd pretty much be my fault.

I used to work with one guy a lot, and he would get mad at me, because I would do all kinds of prep work, never measure or check grades or level or anything, until I was done, and every time, it would come up darn near dead nuts on.
I have all kinds of devices and transits and levels and whatchamacallits, but just for giggle-value, I didnt use it.
Just surf through it, using The Force.

He'd get mad. All the time. Always ask me "why do you bring all this stuff!?"
I said "to impress the customer. People need to be impressed if theyre spending money"

But back to my boss.
Know how he sees the last project?
Well, I dont either, but it aint happy, thats for sure.
Know how I see it?
A 12 day job, done in 9, with at least 3 days less machine time than the bid called for.
AND, I saw some stuff that needed to be done, and got that done ahead of the original bid, too.
I'd say that was a success, wouldn't you??

Yeah well, its all about the interpretation, isn't it?
Must be the hyper focusing stuff he has to deal with.
We 30,000 feet people cant focus too well. Too many shiney objects to distract us.
And all it takes is one to make everything go kablooey.

Want to know what I think? (thats a stupid question, isnt it? I mean youre here reading this, arentcha?)
I think if you hyper focus, you cant see all the shiney objects on this planet. I think hyper focusing will get you rewards, but at a helluva price.
I'm pretty sure he feels exactly the same thing, except opposite, from his point of view.
I dont know. Its not like we sit and chat a lot.

I come down to earth to focus every once in a while, but the view is so nice from up here where you can see everything, that I dont want to stay focused too long.

Theres a lot to see, and if you focus too much on anything, you'll miss some pretty incredible things right before your eyes.

Like Happy's Salad.

Just don't goof things up just by looking at them wrong. Maybe they are beautiful, but you just see them wrong.

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