Friday, 7 August 2009

"Hello, I'm listening....."

Thats a line from "Frazier" when he would take callers on his radio advice show.

Anyone believe I SHOULDN'T have a talk radio show!?

Well, that makes one of you.

Two, actually.

I've been petitioning, harassing, badgering, and belittling, the local talk radio station manager-ette for some time now. Well, I did anyways.

Yeah, that last word in the group probably sank my hopes, but she was getting on my nerves after a year or six. I can't help it when a woman doesn't recognize genius when its staring her in the (pretty lil ole) face.

Back when I used to care about politics and such, I was all fired up to get on air and yak about everydamthing they were yakking about.

Not so much anymore. Truth be told, I haven't listened to talk radio in more than a month.

Or two.

I can't remember.

I have a new philosophy.

Are YOU listening?

"Its all over save for the big white flash"

Go ahead and quote me on that.

A friend whom I haven't talked to in months stopped by tonight, and she wasn't aware of my new "self". She made a comment about our benovelent leader, and I just *blink*, said nothing.


Just yesterday, I was looking up in the sky, when that machine operator (who already thought I was a tad bit odd) asked me "whatcha lookin' at?"

I looked up at a newly made letter "H" in the sky, looked at him, looked at the "H" (that was the only thing in the sky), looked at him, and said,


"I don't see no birds", he said.

"They're gone now". What, YOU would try to explain that 3 jets just made a letter H in the sky, and the possible reasons for doing so!?!?
"I cut grass......................"

Nobody was listening, and apparently telling people didnt get results, so what the frick. At least some people chuckle at this stuff.
Thats a plus.

I still want a radio show though. It can't be any worse than getting dirty and tired every day.
I could do the dirty and tired stuff as a hobby.
Hobbies are good. I think.
Or not. I don't need no stinkin' hobbies.
I need something more. I need everything.

And a radio show.

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