Thursday, 13 August 2009

..That was F-dash-dash-dash-ing AWESOME!

Why thank you.

So was your timing in saying that.

To all of you clueless readers, THAT was how you compliment a wanna be writer/dirt merchant.

And the kicker was, saying it in a parking lot full of other dirt merchants, who's heads nearly Linda Blair'd off their shoulders when they heard her say that to me.

Eatchur heart out.

There was a time I would have preferred it to mean what the other dirt merchants thought it meant.
But not now.
Having people like to read these silly stories is, well, nice.
Yeah I know, Writer wanna bes have to come up with better words than "nice".
Not always.
Its like vanilla ice cream. Its only boring to people who cant appreciate vanilla. Vanilla, is luscious. Quietly delicious, unlike chocolate or rocky road which shouts "lookit me!!!!"
I like quiet.
I like nice.

F-dash-dash-dash AWESOME aint so bad either, sometimes.

Funny how words affect us, isnt it? Powerful things, words.
Said by the right people, they can be exhilarating, and said by the right people, they can be crushing. Like a sword plunged into your midsection.
Sometimes inadvertently, sometimes accidently on purpose.
I try to not do the sword plunging stuff, unless you do something stupid like post that you give Obamas health care reform a big ole thumbs up.
Oh, and you're my wifes uncle.
Then I go for the biggest, sharpest sword I can grab as fast as I can grab it.
Cant help it, stupid does that to me.
Gee, the in law family reunion will be difficult next time around..........................(relax, none of them read this...)

Evidently, I'm not doing a good enough job ignoring current events if one stupid comment sends me off.
Gotta try harder.
A LOT harder.

To ignore, I mean.
In the meantime, I'll concentrate on "nice" comments of people I respect, as opposed to stupid comments from people I dont worry about too terribly much.
Focus on the positive, and ignore the negative. The negative will run through you like a sword if you let it.
Yeah, thats my plan.

F-dash-dash-dash-ing awesome.

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