Monday, 3 August 2009

Little Things.

Yeah I know, everybody says they run, or used to run.

I used to. A LOT.

Run, I mean. I also used to run with people who say they run, and I used to run ahead, then run back to them to say hi, then run ahead, then run back, then run get the idea.

I haven't run in over 20 years.

Jeeze, that sounds old.

I haven't run for 20 years.

Until tonight.

My 12 year old said he's interested in running track in his 7th grade year, and I said "neato".

Lets go for a run.

Why not? I just bought a real pair of real running shoes and everything.

Remember the "not running for 20 years thingy"?

It matters.

But its no worse than running in boots with a pack, that sucked too, and it got less suckey with each run.

This will too, and especially since I have even more motivation than I've ever had.

I get to teach someone, my son, something.

Like what my 92 year old neighbor taught me on our walk.

Not something like "siddown son, and I'll teach you some of my wisdom".

Instead, I'll teach him that fathers and sons can sweat, pant, and enjoy a very desolate, very quiet road, together.

Little things.

Little things are all that matter. They are the things we remember forever, while everyone else is trying to get us to focus on the "big" things.

Whats your best childhood memory?



Its lightning bugs and playing hide-and-go-seek at night, right!?!?

It is for me anyways.

And I suspect it is for most of us.

Pay atention to the little things. Dont plan for them, because that automatically turns them into big things.

Just pay attention to them.

They're all that matter, and all that people judge us by.

And love us for.

Do the little things.

Let the experts worry about the big things.

They probably never even caught a lightning bug.


  1. I suspect if more people like you were not only in this world, but ran it, the world would be a far better place. Thanks for posting a great reminder... especially for those of us who HAVE caught lightening bugs... and nightcrawlers... and fuzzy catapillars... and salamanders... :) Nice story.

  2. and frogs, snakes, and turtles too.

    Learning to fillet a bluegill with my dad is one the my most fondest memories.